Growth Hacking Case Study Day 15: Using Marketing Automation To Get More Webinar Attendees

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What I learned from webinar 1 and how I applied it to webinar 2

Webinar 1 could be considered a success by some. Cold emails, warm emails, Chamber of Commerce event and Meeting event listings lead to 32 signups and 15 attendees. Ok great.

We still needed to get way more people than that. So for the next Webinar, Which is being presented by yours truly in 4 days, I wanted to completely evolve the outreach process.

Webinar 2 registration page

Not only did I switch up the webinar software from AnyMeeting to GoToWebinar, but I introduced marketing automation in a big way.

Active Campaign was the software of choice primarily due to affordability, integration and ease of use.

By now, my VA had gathered 950 emails off of the Chamber of Commerce Website, and we were able to approximate that about 620 of those were live emails using BulkEmailChecker. The reason why it’s important to check that first is to control the bounce rate of your emails thus improving your sender score which helps your email deliver-ability rate.

I hired a technical person with some Marketing Automation skill off of UpWork to bring my webinar registration automation funnel to life.  So here is the typical funnel.

Each cold email gets a friendly email invite to attend the amazing event. If they do anything but signup, they’ll receive the same email 2 more times. Then at the end, if they never even opened a single email, we push their email into the delete bin. If they opened it but didn’t register, we keep them on the next Webinar list to see if they’ll eventually cave in.

It’s been about 5 days since we launched the Automation.

Stats from first ActiveCampaign Automation

Great open rate, only 9 unsubscribes out of 600 some-odd cold emails which means the email itself was really good. But only about 10 webinar sign-ups.

I am debating whether the fact that it is more of a “email list” type outreach with a spammy looking sender email (see image below) vs a personalized outreach email with no unsubscribe link and coming directly from my email server is lowering the conversion rates.

Spammy looking email

Possibly. Salesloft supposedly works because you send emails directly from your personal account – no email services or email lists.

It is possible that the best way to approach this for the 3rd webinar is a combination of Salesloft and Activecampaign.

I.E. initial communication is done through Salesloft and once we get them signed up, I can move them over to active campaign for follow-up emails and future webinar invites since they know who I am now.

I haven’t mentioned yet that I hired a freelancer outbound call guy to actually call all of the people on my list and convince them to register for the webinar. Emails are one thing, but a phone call is way more memorable. I’ll talk about that in the next post since that’s a new development.

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