Growth Hacking Case Study Day 8: Scaling Strategy for Gathering More Webinar Attendees

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Of the 32 people who ending up registering for the very first onsite optimization webinar, 15 attendees showed up. We spent an hour going over the content as clearly and simplified as I could and for the final 30 minutes of the webby, attendees sent me their websites for a live audit and I went over them live for everyone to see.

It worked out great!

For the next step, we need to run a second webinar and now that a basic framework is in place, we need to start thinking about scaling the visitors, getting as much feedback as possible and keep iterating the product until it gains traction.

Here is a recap of how we obtained attendees for our first webinar:

  • VA Manually gathered emails from Chamber of Commerce website
  • Drafted email for outreach to invite people to webinar
  • Used Salesloft to perform the outreach (sent about 100 emails a day)
  • Used Anymeeting software for the webinar

For this next webinar and round of outreach, I am completely switching it up.

Using to manage the outreach because it employs marketing automation at an affordable price which allows me to not only send the emails, but gauge which people are engaging with the emails the most and thus built a more focused list of invitees over time

Using webinarninja for the webinar because it has some better integration with activecampaign supposedly and it’s cheaper.

Ideally the entire marketing funnel I put together has a ton of consistency like:

  1. all emails are sent from my personal email
  2. registration pages are on my website
  3. reminder emails for webinar come from my email

Right now, none of these things are the case, but done is better than perfect.

We are going to finish getting the activecampaign tracking pixels onto everything including the Youth Noise and Digital Marketers Institute site as well as the webinar registration pages and then start the following:

  1. A thank you email to previous attendees with a link to the first webinar replay and information about the upcoming webinar
  2. Email invite to new webinar to list of contacts VA has been mining to grow the audience

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