Growth Hacking Case Study Day 1: How To Build an Audience for a Brand New Site

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The main purpose of this website is to provide valuable digital marketing information that business owners and digital marketing managers can trust.

The long term monetization potential of this website is to create content that shows we know what we’re doing, transparently laying out my strategies, and having large companies hire us to fulfill these same strategies for their ventures.

I already run a large digital marketing firm called Youth Noise, which mainly generates leads from business owners and marketers searching for SEO services in major cities.

Digital Marketers Institute will generate leads strictly through content creation and the purpose of this case study series is to take my viewers along with me for the ride to growing Empire Boon into a trusted authority site.

So here is the plan:

Digital Marketers Institute will start off hosting webinars about the latest strategies in digital marketing.

Webinar #1 will be about a Step by Step Onsite Optimization Webinar on How to Make Tweaks to Get Better SEO Results.

So how will I build my initial audience? We’re going to test a number of different ways to do it. Currently myself nor my agency has much of a brand name recognition so we can’t rely on that. Nor do we have major industry partners who can direct their list of 100,000 people to join our webinar. Nope, I’m going to have to figure this out one person at a time.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

1. Cold emails

We purchased a list of 5000 emails of managers and owners of various businesses. Thus far we’ve sent about 100 emails and haven’t had much interest besides a couple of click-throughs. My plan eventually is to have a sales person pick up the phone for the people that click the link to convince them to sign up.

2. Meetups

I run a meetup group that is about 500 strong full of entrepreneurs in the Detroit area. The funny part is, I actually fell into this group because I was browsing around and I saw this massive group and it was set to expire in 14 days because the organization had left. So for $14.99 a month, I became the organizer of an already established meetup group. I’ll take it.

I’ve emailed all the members to sign up. So far have had a couple signups to date.

3. In-Person Meetings

I took to the startup scene and attended an event on raising money for your startup. It was a small gathering but lots of friendly people. I gave out a business card and the person signed up for the webby that night.

4. Email blasts to people who reached out to us before

I had a list of about 250 people that reached out to us via my Youth Noise agency over the year and sent out a blast via AWeber.

Here was the email I sent:

Hi {!firstname_fix}
You’ve reached out to us before regarding SEO so have you ever wondered what we actually do when we talk about “onsite optimization”?
Wonder no longer because we’re going to show you!
Join our webinar this Thursday, November 19th at 8:30 PST and we’ll show you what you need to do to optimize your website to rank better in search.
One hour of no fluff, no pitch, just simple easy to digest information.
By the end of the webinar, you’ll know the 5 keys to focus on, optimization differences between nationwide and local sites, the right way to use keywords on a page and how to easily audit your own site.
Register here now as we’re expecting all the spots to fill up!
To your success,
Youth Noise Team
So far there are 56 opens, 3 clicks and 2 signups.

All in all we have 7 signups so far and hopefully more to come before the event in 5 days.

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